When will some people ever learn? A lot of you will be gathering and celebrating this time of year, and alcohol can certainly come into play. But if you're going to be driving, get a designated driver, or perhaps call an Uber or Lyft service. Don't be like this guy. Now, one New York state man is facing felony charges cause he allegedly had way too much to drink, but still got behind the wheel.

Police say the incident happened on the NY State Thruway early Saturday morning when a 31-year-old man was stopped by state troopers. WKTV didn't go into detail about why the Herkimer County man was stopped, but when you allegedly are driving with the blood alcohol content this guy was, then there could be any number of reasons why. Troopers say they found the man to be drunk and took him to the nearby barracks where his BAC was .28%, which is three times the state's legal limit.

Police say he had a prior conviction in the past ten years and has been charged with DWI and Aggravated DWI.


Law enforcement is on the lookout for drunk drivers, especially this time of year during the holidays. WNYT says that a 35-year-old man was caught going a whopping 145 MPH on I-890 in late November. Police told WNYT that the driver already had five DWIs in the past ten years, and has been charged with felony driving while intoxicated. If you're wondering who he was even driving with a license, well, he wasn't. Police say his license had been already revoked due to his prior record.

Just a few weeks prior, police busted a suspect for driving over four times the legal limit. WBNG says the 34-year-old suspect was found with an open container beside him when police caught up with him asleep behind the wheel. Police the man had somehow crashed into a dumpster and then drove straight through the grass, and onto a nearby road. Police arrested the man and took him to the Broome County Sheriff's Office where he blew a .37%. Next time you want to take a snooze, please do it in your own bed.

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