YouTube: KohlerWellworthMan 290
YouTube: KohlerWellworthMan 290

Some people get excited and take a video when they see a double rainbow or if they are unboxing a cool product they ordered. This man is thrilled when he sees a public throne he likes.

It is pretty easy to get carried away watching countless videos online. I often get trapped in an almost endless video loop. I don't know how I came across this video series but I think I need to do some heavy lifting to change my algorithm.

This could be one of the most unique hobbies I have ever seen even by the internet's standards, and that is an impressive feat in itself.

An account on YouTube is described as a "filmer of toilets." The person has uploaded videos of him studying and testing out different brands of toilets at various places in Upstate New York. The videos do not have any devious intentions but there is something very one-of-a-kind about someone recording a video in a public bathroom.

This person has a whole channel dedicated to worshipping public toilets. This video was reportedly made inside the stall of a grocery store bathroom in Watertown, New York.

Here is another video shared by the account that was supposedly filmed from the bathroom of a Macy's store in New York.
Below is another upload from a bathroom in Cicero, New York

It's a little odd but the person behind these videos must really like toilets and sharing that passion with the rest of the world. Good for them!

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