A former security guard at Indian Point nuclear power plant stands accused of putting his penis in a co-worker's sandwich while he worked there.

The New York post reports that, according to court documents, a man by the name of Vito Messina allegedly grabbed a female colleague's sandwich during lunch. He reportedly put his penis in said sandwich before handing it back to her. This March, Messina retired from his position before any disciplinary action could be taken.

The Post reports that a spokesman for the power plant claimed there were no complaints for an 11-year period spanning 2005 through 2016. However, a 2007 lawsuit claimed Messina had dug his fingernails into another coworkers rear end. At the time, managers determined that claims baseless.

The New York Governor's Office announced earlier this year that Indian Point would begin shutting down for good in April of 2020. Entergy, the company who operates the plant has been trying to get their lease renewed since 2007 but have faced numerous hurdles.

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