The holiday season 2021 has been one for the record books.

This years holiday season has been met with a new variant of COVID( that's spreading like wildfire) and shipping delays on top of the usual holiday stresses. So, when a video of genuine kindness and happiness comes across our timeline, it gives us a little hope.

The Maffei Family, who own and operate Halfsies Cookie Company in Marlboro, had a ton of packages coming and going from their home this month. They decided to make a care package for their delivery drivers that included some of their delicious Halfsies Cookies as well as lotions, Tums, Emergen-C and other products that could be helpful this time of year.

Halfsies shared, on their social media, a video caught by their Ring camera of an Amazon delivery driver dropping off a package and coming across the Halfsies care package. Her reaction will literally melt your heart.

The caption on the video reads:

Sometimes just a little bit of kindness can go a very, very long way🎄

Our @ring camera usually just catches me falling down the steps, but this time it caught something special.

We get a ton of packages to the house. This year we decided to put out a basket of goodies. Hand creams, @tumsofficial , @emergenc , packs of our cookies, you get the point. This @amazon driver’s reaction is something that I will think of a lot this holiday season. I literally cry every single time I play this.

The video, which was posted back on December 19th, has been viewed and shared thousands of times. CBS, Tanks Good News and the Daily Mail have all shared the video putting the Hudson Valley business in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Take a look at the video below:


This isn't the first time Halfsies Cookie Company has gotten the national spotlight. Back in November, actress Vivica A. Fox told People Magazine that Halfsies Cookies are her favorite to gift this time of year.

Halfsies Cookies ship nationally and are updated with new flavors weekly at 

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