A Hudson Valley wife asked us, "Is sleeping in separate beds the beginning of the end of a marriage?"

If you are married you already know that marriage takes work and there are numerous things that can happen over the years that might make you feel like the marriage might be in trouble. Friends, family, and money are probably the three issues many couples will admit they have had trouble with, but what about sleeping arrangements?


Sleeping in Separate Beds a Sign of Trouble in a Marriage?

Once a week we give the Hudson Valley the opportunity to "Ask us Anything" (AUA) and almost every week we get a question that we need some help answering. This week Natalie texted us about a situation she and her husband are dealing with, here is what she texted us,

"Guys my "AUA" today involves me and my husband's sleeping arrangements at home. I am petrified that the way we are sleeping for the last few months is going to damage our marriage. My husband Has started sleeping in the guest room because I was keeping him awake most nights and he would wake up every morning exhausted. To be fair, I know I toss and turn a lot and suffer from restless leg syndrome, but sleep separately? And now he keeps telling me how great he feels each morning and how "I just slept 8 hours non-stop"! After 5 years of marriage, it just feels wrong to watch TV curled up together on the couch, and when it's time for bed we head for separate rooms! We have a good relationship but I feel like we will lose closeness over time. Is sleeping in separate rooms the beginning of the end of a marriage?"

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It Was For Me

I always hate when a question like this comes up and I have an answer that I don't think will be the popular answer so let me start by saying that every relationship is different and what happened to me doesn't me it will happen to you. When I was married and started sleeping in a separate room it was part of the beginning of the end. It wasn't the reason I got divorced but it was around the time my ex and I started having issues. Around a year later we were separated and then divorced. I hope more than anything that this isn't the end result for Natale and her husband!

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