We are so quick to congratulate couples who have been married for several decades but what if they're absolutely miserable? What if they wanted to bail out and pull the rip cord years ago? What if they had gotten the option to get out free and clear.

Are humans really monogamous creatures? If you want to dispute that claim you can just watch day time TV. The Jerry Springer Show and Steve Wilkos Show will certainly make you question human's desires to be with just one person.

According to an article from the Daily Mail, a huge chunk of young people don't believe in the concept of "till death do us part."

A lot of millennials think that marriage should only be a 10 year agreement. It's kind of like a lease with an option to buy. If one person isn't feeling the arrangement they should be able to bail out after a decade.

This seems like it would only work if you two had absolutely zero assets. That doesn't seem very reasonable idea to me.

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