Here's some bad news for Hudson Valley couples looking to take that next step. If you're trying to get married, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Like, way more money than the rest of the country.

It turns out the Hudson Valley is actually the eighth-most expensive place to get married in the country. Weddings around here typically cost around $42,444. For reference, the national average for wedding cost is about $29,858. That's a difference of more than $10,000, for those keeping score at home.

Of course, the number one spot should be no surprise. It's Manhattan, and it's cost dwarfs ours, to the tune of $86,916. That's almost triple the national average. That's potentially a college education right there. You could spend just about the same amount of money to buy a brand new Audi car. It's the kind of money that you keep in a vault filled with gold coins that you can dive into, Scrooge McDuck-style.

So my advice: save some money. Get married at a courthouse, then spend the money you would have spent on a wedding to buy a college education, an Audi, or a Scrooge McDuck vault. Any of those things are a great value.

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