It looks like someone thought a massive hunk of carpet would literally cushion the blow. It was a great idea in theory. I wish I could give them points for creativity.

Potholes have always been a problem wherever the climate sees heavy amounts of snow. I am no stranger to potholes since I grew up in Michigan. From my experience they are far worse there and more in abundance. I think New York highways have fewer potholes but they are often massive.

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Does anyone remember almost 1 year ago when Governor Kathy Hochul actually declared war on potholes?

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Pothole on busy New York highway filled with carpet.

I first noticed this giant crater in the middle of the road. It appeared to have a fresh piece of carpet cut off from a large roll. It has been there for several days and it looks like the carpet has taken quite a beating. Would this work? I don't want to test it out on my vehicle's suspension.


This massive pothole was spotted on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie just before the exit to get off of the Mid-Hudson Bridge and Route 44.


Have you seen it yet?

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