Ben Franklin told us all about the certainties in life. I don't remember the exact quote but I remember it being about death and taxes. Maybe we should have paid more attention.

I'm not the most responsible person. Heck, I'm a grown man who can barely cook, clean, dress myself or read. I'm basically a 5'9 baby but even I filed my taxes months ago.

Many procrastinators throughout the country waited until the last minute to do their taxes causing a massive crash on the IRS website. The crash prompted a screenshot basically saying it sucks to suck and you're going to be fined.

However, due to a massive amount of panic the IRS has extended the deadline for another 24 hours. This country is currently in at it's laziest state. How did the IRS not prepare for this?

Don't wait until 11:47 PM to hop on the website and file. If there's anything we've learned from this it's that everyone in the country plans on this.

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