Does anyone else feel like they spend more money in the summertime?  For some reason, I feel like those little purchases here and there (mainly iced coffees and ice cream cones for the kid), while we are out and about in the Hudson Valley enjoying a more relaxed schedule, are adding up faster than my usual spending habits.  How can we still enjoy the summer but watch our spending?

McDonald's is doing something pretty cool for the month of July that has our wallets and budgets in mind.  Here's the deal:

Camp McDonald's

Beginning today, July 5th, McDonald's will be hooking app users up with all sorts of freebies and goodies including toys, coffees, and even fries.  In order to take advantage of the deals associated with 'Camp McDonald's' you'll need to use the McDonald's app to order at least $1 worth of food/drink for mobile order and pay, and then add the 'freebie' menu item that is being offered that particular day to your order.

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The Good Goods - Hot Grimace Summer

What types of freebies are being offered as part of their camp schedule?  Well they change weekly but some of the highlights are looking like this:

  • free iced coffees
  • free/discounted nuggets
  • deals on burgers and sandwiches and fries
  • even happy meals and dessert deals are on the schedule

They are also doing some 'exclusive' merch drops like pool floats, t-shirts, hats, and 'in-app' performances from well-known artists on the weekends.

You can map out your July discount schedule by checking out the full camp calendar here and then it's just a matter of which of the many Hudson Valley locations you'll want to visit to cash in on your deals.

Which McDonald's Location is the Best in the Mid-Hudson Valley?

Gordon Ramsay's Nightmare Restaurant in West Nyack

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