With the first day of spring 2023 officially behind us, is it too soon to start thinking of the winter '23 holiday season?

Never too early, especially when it has to do with what appears to be a cute holiday movie being filmed in the Hudson Valley with a pretty big name celebrity.

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Funny Gal Melissa McCarthy Filming Christmas Movie in Nyack, NY

The ever-growing list of celebrity sightings and movies or TV shows being filmed in the Hudson Valley can add another name, as Melissa McCarthy was in the area filming on Monday March 20th.

Some curious local residents noticed some holiday decor being set up around town in Nyack, along with fake snow in front of the local library. Turns out it was part of the set for McCarthy's role in the remake of a 1991 TV film.

Confirmed by Nyack Mayor Don Hammond, the set outside the library was for the remake of the 1991 British 'fantasy comedy-drama television film' called Bernard and the Genie.

The mayor also shared that in addition to the library on South Broadway, the Art Cafe and Bangkok Station in Nyack were also going to be used for filming, and would be closed on Monday.  Filming also took place in and around New York City recently.

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Getty Images
Getty Images

MSN reports that McCarthy will star as the genie in the film, which is being written by the same writer from the 1990's, Richard Curtis.  Bernard and the Genie is reported to air on Peacock during the holiday season, but no exact release date has been confirmed.

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