A swanky members-only club could open up a location in the Hudson Valley.

I really don't even know what Soho House is, besides some upscale hotel that is members only. According to their website, Soho House is a collection of "bedrooms, cabins, Lofts and Apartments in the city, by the beach and in the countryside, for short breaks and longer stays" as well as "restaurants, spas, workspaces and cinemas". Confused? Don't worry, I am too. But I did some more digging.

From what I have determined from their website, Soho House is just a collection of different places to stay across the world, whether it be a cabin or loft. If it's a bedroom it's likely in a hotel-style building with a restaurant inside, or something like that. I'd think of Soho House as a boutique hotel. I could be totally wrong, but honestly, their website is confusing. It also looks pretty pricy, which is once again, speculation. Maybe it's the classic, if I have to ask what it is, I can't afford it.

Well if you're intrigued by the idea, curious about membership, or downright confused, you could experience Soho House right here in the Hudson Valley. According to Page Six, Soho House could open a house in Rhinebeck. Page Six cited the celebrities that are known to be in Rhinebeck like Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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