A bar fight that happened in Orange Town sparked an interesting question. Do you have a manly bucket list?

We all know that most people nowadays keep an active bucket list. You know, that list of things you want to do before you die.  Most people have a pretty generic list, go skydiving, rocky mountain climbing and ridding a bull.

A man bucket list is a bit different. It's compiled of manly things to do that you've seen in all of the best action movies.

Here are few examples:

  1. Participate in a bar fight (winning is optional)
  2. Yell "Get to da choppa" while actually boarding a helicopter.
  3. Karate kick someone through a window (or wall).
  4. Be involved in someway in a major heist.
  5. Shoot something while on horseback.
  6. Ride in a tank and maybe blow something up.
  7. Be framed, go to prison, escape from prison then seek out revenge on the person who framed her.
  8. Punch a shark.
  9. Jump from an explosion.
  10. Shoot a flame thrower.

Experts say you need to score 60% or you're not really a man.