Authorities were on the look out for an area man who jumped from an ambulance Wednesday afternoon, according to Mid Hudson News. But while some details are still a bit scarce, was this really a case of mistaken identity? Why did the 27-year-old Beacon man jump from the emergency vehicle in the first place?

MHN says that the man left the vehicle near the vicinity of MidHudson Regional Hospital Wednesday afternoon. Sources say the dispatcher told police to be on the look out for a man who had jumped rom the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge earlier that day. But according to MHN, the man who had jumped from the bridge and died was in his 50s. The man police were searching for here is in his late 20s, as mentioned before.

Authorities had determined that the man who escaped the ambulance in this story had voluntarily agreed to be the hospital for a mental heath evaluation. Therefore, they could only ask him to go to the hospital. And since there were no mandated court orders for him to be there they actually couldn't force him.

Meanwhile, in other news, police investigate a disturbance at an area Dunkin' Donuts. Sources say a customer had ordered a white hot chocolate at the drive-thru at the Dunkin' Donuts on Little Britain Road when everything went nuts. The customer told HV12 that the manager got nasty with them over the phone, and told them that this location didn't have their specific order and that there was already a sign posted that they were out. HV12 says that when the customer complained further, the manager and a second employee physically attacked her.

The customer told sources that she was hit a dozen times in the face, and that she had part of her ripped out.

Sources say that employees at the restaurant have not commented yet about the incident. Police are investigating, and could press against the workers as well as the customer.

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