The global pandemic has offered many musicians a chance to work on new music from home, but might we see an album actually recorded while everyone is still social distancing? Metallica's Lars Ulrich discussed the possibility during a Twitter chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

While the pandemic has generated its fair share of problems, Ulrich sees the silver lining in that it's generating new ideas for technology to bring people together. "The people that make the software and all the stuff that we use to record are sitting right now trying to figure out how Lars and James and Kirk and Rob can make a Metallica record from four different locations in four different states. That's obviously something that we're very excited about," said Ulrich.

When asked if that meant Metallica might make a quarantine record, Ulrich stopped short of saying yes because of a number of factors, but appeared to be open to the possibility.

"A lot of that will do with how long the stay at home orders are in place and a lot of that will have to do with if there's a second wave of the virus. Who knows what our world will look like six months from now?" said the drummer. "But obviously, the one thing you can depend on from creative people, for better or worse, is that they can't sit still for very long and I can tell you that one these weekly Metallica Zoom sessions we are talking about how we can just be a band again."

He later added, "I can tell you that all four of us are really excited about what that could look like. Will there be a Metallica quarantine record? I can't tell you because I can't tell you how long the quarantine will last, but if you and I and the rest of the world are still sitting here six months or a year from now, I can say there's a very good chance."

During the discussion, Ulrich also joked about discussing one day being too old to tour and envisioning the band playing a show from home where the audience could come to them. "Obviously, in a strange way, be careful what you wish for," said Ulrich, who went on to add that he's looking forward to how the technology world will advance solutions in terms of how bands can present themselves.

Watch more of the chat in the player below.

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