It pains me to say this, but I've only been to three Yankee games in my life. Since I'm only a casual baseball fan I never put much priority on planning a trip to The "House That Ruth Built." Luckily a close friend drove me down a few years ago and enjoyed my first ever live game in the original stadium. I remember A-Rod hit a home run and the Yanks won!

Was a great experience and the drive wasn't too bad. I didn't have to drive so it was much more enjoyable since I would have no idea where to go let alone navigate the streets in The Bronx.

Since the new stadium was built I have now doubled  my game attendance. Just do the math in your head, giggle quietly and we'll move on. Now that Metro North has a station at Yankee Stadium it's such a breeze to go! I took the 4:52 train from Poughkeepsie, met up with my friend as he boarded in Beacon and off we were. The Yankee Stadium station is walking distance to the game and I recommend taking advantage of the service. The train schedule can be found on their website.