If you're on your way to one of your favorite Mexican spots in Poughkeepsie then don't be surprised when the doors are closed.

The Hudson Valley area is filled with Mexican restaurants and for good reason, because local residents love them. According to Brizodata, Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food in America as they make up almost 11% of all restaurants in the country. Who doesn't love nachos, enchiladas, burritos or tacos?

Mexican food lovers in the Poughkeepsie area received some bad news on social media last Thursday. An extremely popular hangout for lunch and dinner in Poughkeepsie had to suddenly close its doors last week.

Frontera Tacos & Tequila in Poughkeepsie Closed Temporarily

A popular Mexican restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York announced on Facebook they had to close their doors temporarily due to a fire that took place in their kitchen. Frontera Tacos & Tequila Poughkeepsie is on Main Street. They moved into the location after Uno Pizzeria and Grill closed a few years ago.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Thankfully, they announced that they will be returning soon once they're done cleaning and making repairs. We reached out to Frontera Tacos & Tequila Poughkeepsie for comment and possibly an idea of when they would reopen but they did not respond. For now, fans of the establishment will just have to follow their page for updates.

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Here was the post on their Facebook page:

Have you been to Frontera before? Frontera has over a four-star rating on Google from over 100 customers who dined there. I'm sure they all hope they reopen soon.

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