While I appreciate modern day technology as much as the next person, I have a metaphoric bone to pic with Microsoft. Recently there was a large update for Windows 10. I'm sure these updates are necessary and I was ensured that it was to keep my laptop safe from internet threats.

Since the internet is flooded with people who want nothing more than to steal your personal information and your money, I'm glad that Microsoft put forth the effort to protect my device, however it was terribly inconvenient.

I needed my laptop for work purposes, much like I'm doing right now. Earlier in the day, my laptop asked if I'd like to update and shut down. Sounds simple enough, I let it do it's thing and turned off my lap top. When I needed it later, it was just a blue screen of taunting.

"Working on updates. This will take a while" is was was staring at me for almost two hours! I couldn't believe I wasn't warned or at the very least notified as to what was happening.

Have you ever experienced an unusually long update at the worst time? Let us know in the comments below.