The Mid-Hudson Bridge is about to get very fancy. A recent $429,750 project has been approved for a new "necklace".

The Mid-Hudson bridge is steeped in history. Vehicles have been crossing the span across the Hudson river for nearly 100 years, and with every passing decades comes changes and improvements to the way the bridge is both operated and how it looks. The new necklace project is all about beautification.


Mid-Hudson Bridge Getting a New "Necklace"

"Coming soon: New necklace light fixtures on the Mid-Hudson Bridge!", came the announcement from the New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA). The "necklace" that the NYSBA mentions is referring to is the massive string of lights that run along the bridge's cables. From the NYSBA:

The necklace lights were first installed in 2001 and the fixtures have reached the end of their useful life... The old light fixtures will be removed and the necklace lights on the bridge will be off once installation begins on April 3.

The project is expected to be completed by June, but in the meantime, the bridge authority warns, "the Mid-Hudson Bridge will be unable to participate in special lighting events while the project is underway".

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