Unsafe conditions have become an issue for one area. It's never good when a business needs to change locations and it's even worse when its due to an unsafe building. One popular location is being forced to relocate due to unsafe conditions that potentially could be harmful to customers.

What popular location will be changing it's spot in Middletown, NY?

Middletown Flea Market Indoor Facebook Page/Canva
Middletown Flea Market Indoor Facebook Page/Canva

The indoor flea market that is located on 156 Dolson Avenue in Middletown has become a popular spot for people in the area. You can find clothing, toys for children, gifts, shoes trinkets and more all in one spot. Many people come shopping here and it's an easy spot to get a bunch of different items that you might need in one shot. Unfortunately, they have been forced to closed their location.

Why is the Middletown, NY indoor flea market closing?

According to their Facebook Page, the flea market building was condemned by the City of Middletown, yikes. The post also mentioned that the roof has been leaking for years and it has caused mold to grow in the building. It also mentioned that they are looking for a new location and they will keep everyone posted on what happens.

What happens now?

Many fans of the indoor flea market left comments on the post and suggested a few places where the flea market can go. Some ideas and thoughts are:

  • Mike- "The old Rite Aid on that side of town is still empty"
  • Marlene- "How about where the old Toys R Us and Babies R Us location was. It's vacant and huge?"
  • Ray- "That's terrible!! Hopefully a new location is found soon"

We hope they find a new location soon because many people expressed how much they enjoy the flea market. We will keep you posted when we find out more about what's going on.

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