I didn't make the list but Middletown, New York did not do so hot and they shared why.

The Hudson Valley region of New York has some amazing cities. There isn't a city in America that doesn't have a few flaws. Some have more flaws than others but that doesn't mean they aren't great. Some small cities in America were recently put under a microscope and the results were interesting.

According to Wallethub, Saratoga Springs is not just a great small city. It is one of the absolute best based on their findings. The small city landed in the 99th percentile. Saratoga Springs placed in the top 20 best small cities in America. Saratoga landed at #9 on the list.

The methodology used to create the list was based off of things like safety, affordability, economy, physical health and quality of life.

Middletown, New York ranked low among the best small cities in America.

So where did Middletown land on the long list?

Based on the criteria above Middletown was in the 39th percentile. Middletown did well in the affordability rating but lacked in the health and education score. This basically means it's affordable to live in Middletown but the school systems have issues. There may also be premature deaths and limited access to gyms, hospitals and healthy food options.

It could always be worse. Last year, Spring Valley, New York was in the second percentile.

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