A Dutchess County, NY town has people puzzled and confused about how to correctly say its name. I'm the first person to admit that I'm not the best when it comes to pronouncing things (I've been like that since I was a kid). Ever since I moved to the Hudson Valley I've tried to really work on it because there.a few towns that have some tricky names and they can be tough to say.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Side note to anyone who lives here, please don't get offended or mad, we all say things wrong by accident and that's how we learn.

What town in the Hudson Valley gets mispronounced a lot?

I was driving around the other day and came across a sign that said Milan. I didn't have time to stop and check it out, but it sounded very cute. I have to admit when I first saw the name I thought it was pronounced like Mih-lawn (the fashion capital). This is not correct...

How do you say Milan?

I was talking to a few people at work and the name Milan came up. They mentioned that many people say it wrong and a few of them have been confused by it as well. According to a few Hudson Valley residents who have been here for a LONG time, the correct way to say it is MY-lin. I said it a few times out loud to make sure I really got it.

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Milan (say it correctly) is located right in Dutchess County, NY. Milan and the area around is very rural and it's about 90 miles from New York City.

Are you from Milan or do you know someone from the area? Let us know what it's like to live there on the station app.

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