This morning we talked about a castle in Ireland that has just been listed on the market at 29.5 million dollars. It has multiple rooms, sits on just about 600 acres, is owned by the Guinness Beer company heirs and oh, yes, it's in Ireland.

Want to stay local and only spend, say, 28.5 million? You might even spend the million dollars that you are going to save on Guinness beer?

The house in Millbrook might not have the history that the one in Ireland (it dates back to the 18th century) has, both Braveheart and the TV show The Tudors were apparently filmed on the property, plus it has seen its share of celebrity parties.

But the home in Millbrook (it is only a mere 150-years-young) has its own theater room, a gorgeous gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, stables and guest house.

If you get a chance, take a look at the photos from both homes and see which one you might think about spending a few millions on.