I’m one of those people that just loves my home. I love to be in it, shop for things to put in it, rearrange it and clean it. But is my home movie worthy? Probably not. It’s perfect for me and my little family (which is 2 people and 2 cats), but I don’t think a movie crew could even fit inside of my tiny house. How about your home? Have you always wanted to see it on the big screen? This could be your chance.

The feature film production Pinball is on the hunt for two locations. The first is a mid-century, upper-middle class home like you might see in the 1970's in Palm Springs, so the more authentic the home is, the better. Shooting for that scene is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 26. The second location they are looking for is a 2 bedroom, lower middle class apartment. The setting for this scene is 1970's New York City, so the more age and visible wear, the better. Shooting for this scene is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 11 and 12. These will be paid rentals.

Are you interested but worried about your house getting ruined? Not to worry. The production team is fully insured and has extensive experience. There are no action scenes, stunts, or special effects involved. The entire team is COVID-19 compliant, and is strictly following all state mandated precautions.

How cool would it be to see your home in the movies? If you’re interested or if you know of a place, contact Location Coordinator BriAnna Olson.

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