A very special animal is on the loose in the Hudson Valley, and there might be a very odd way to catch it. Allegedly

Dogs and cats aren't the only animals to be reported missing in New York. From parakeets to zebras and even peacocks, there's no shortage of "wild" domestic animals. Now we can add a trampoline-loving goat to the list. Have you seen Darla?

jctitcomb/Anna Kucherova via Canva
jctitcomb/Anna Kucherova via Canva

Darla the Goat is Missing in Warwick, NY

"MISSING: Darla is a goat that was at AppleFest in Warwick today... The large inflatable scared her, and she just ran off and is wandering in the area. Described as a "friendly goat", Darla is reportedly "easy" to catch if spotted. It may come as a surprise that she was scared by an inflatable, however, as her photo (below) clearly shows an affinity for jumping apparatus.

The Search for Darla the Goat in Warwick, NY

The search for the thrill-seeking farm animal has been shared nearly 700 times by Hudson Valley residents looking for a happy ending to the saga. A (nearly) uneducated suggestion to speed the process up would be for homeowners with trampolines to check their backyards, as Darla may have sought out comfort in her time of distress.


"Wild" Pets in the Hudson Valley, NY

Often times, the "stranger" the pet, the stronger the connection between the animal and owner can be. Last year, the Hudson Valley was captivated with the search for a yellow parakeet aptly named Omelet (below). The epic search eventually ended happily, with a teenager spotting the bird and returning him to his distressed owners.

N. Evanietz
N. Evanietz

As many Hudson Valley, NY residents know, a goat is far from the strangest animal to be kept as a domestic pet. While our pet choices can get creative, not all of them are legal. Check out which ones you're allowed to keep below.

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