Meybelin De Carmen Vega-Martinez's parents tell police that they came home after running late-morning errands last week to an empty house. Their daughter was missing.

Teen Missing in New Paltz, NY

The Town of New Paltz Police Department took to Facebook today to ask for the public's help in locating Vega-Martinez. She is described as a 16-year-old Hispanic female who is 5'4" tall and 110 pounds. She was last seen in black pants and a black shirt.

New Paltz Police
New Paltz Police

Police say that Meybelin's disappearance could be an attempt to run away and that she may have packed luggage to bring with her.

Local Help

In an inspiring sign, hundreds of Hudson Valley residents have tried to spread to word to help authorities and her parents find her as soon as possible. The Facebook post by the New Paltz Police Department has been shared over 200 times in the first 6 hours of publication. It has been noted that this is not the first time Meybelin has run away, with police sharing that on one attempt, she tried to travel to Kansas City to meet an adult she had come into contact with online.

How You Can Help

If you believe you have seen Meybelin, call the New Paltz Police Department at 845-255-1323. Unfortunately, this case is not unique in New York State, with nearly 100 children being recently listed as missing. Do you recognize any of the children below?

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