Summer time is 'Fair Time' and animals are a part of that. Especially, cute animals doing tricks. One fair in Illinois is coming under fire for just that. Is what they are allowing cruel or cute? It's up for you to decide.

Organizers of an Illinois fair say their annual dog-riding monkey race will go on as planned, despite protests.  Lake County Fair recently received a letter asking for their annual race, called the "Banana Derby" to be canceled. According to the Chicago Tribune, the event features monkeys dressed in jockey outfits, racing around a ring while riding rescue dogs.

In the letter, members of the Lake County Board say the derby is nothing but "exploiting animals."  Organizers of the derby said the animals are treated well, kept clean and well fed. The say if the derby was doing something wrong, then there wouldn't be people coming back to see the event after seven years.

Do you like to see cute animals doing tricks, like the Dock Dogs or the Racing Pigs when you go to the fair? Or would you rather not have animal "events" at all?