The Friday after Christmas means nothing came out in theaters today. Everything came out this past Wednesday, Christmas. But it still is Friday (yay, weekend already!) and I have to figure out which movie will land on top this weekend.

There were a bunch of movies released on Wednesday including: The Wolf of Wall Street, Lone Survivor, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Justin Bieber's Believe, Grudge Match and 47 Ronin. Most of these looks pretty good; actually of them looks good except the Biebs one, hopefully he is actually going to retire and it's not just a stunt.

This week was very hard for me to decide which one would land on top of the box office this weekend because I think they're (almost) all worthy. Leonardo DiCaprio said in interviews that he dedicated himself to the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has had the most publicity and it's going to get the lovers of the original movie with Danny Kaye, Lone Survivor has Mark Wahlberg being his usual bad-ass but I've heard next to nothing about that movie so far, Grudge Match has got Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone fighting each other at an old age (how can that not be fun) and 47 Ronin looks like Keanu Reeves needs more money but still promises to be a good action movie at the very least.

Well, less talking and more deciding. My official decision will be that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will be number one this weekend in the box office even though something tells me The Wolf of Wall Street may beat it; I will stand strong with my first decision

As always let me know if you've seen any yet or plan on seeing any of them. I've induced both the new trailer and the original movies trailer, surprise your parents or grandparents and tell them you know about the original!


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)