John Krasinski's horror thriller A Quiet Place, which shot in locations all across the Hudson Valley like New Paltz, Beacon, and Pawling, has become a runaway success.

We already knew the movie was good: it's got a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and had a rapturous response at its SXSW premiere. Now, audiences have responded in kind. The movie finally opened up this weekend and ended up taking the number one spot at the box office, pulling in $50 million. That's twice as much as the number two film, Ready Player One, pulled in for the week.

What's even more impressive is that A Quiet Place was made for a relatively low budget. It was made for $17 million, which means it's already made back its budget and then some. It's the latest in a string of big hits for low-budget horror, such as Don't Breathe and Get Out. With that kind of money, I think we can all look forward to A Quiet Place 2: A Quieter Place, aka 2 Quiet 2 Place, in which it all turns out Dwight was just trying to get back at Jim for years of mean pranks. It's the only logical conclusion.

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