Happy Friday everyone, one new movie this weekend and a few more in wide release. The main movie I'll be looking into this weekend is the new one, The Legend of Hercules.

The Legend of Hercules starts that guy from the Twilight movies. No, not that main ones, that vampire guy with all the muscles, Kellan Lutz. Maybe after this movie he will be known as the guy who played Hercules and not that other brolic vampire from Twilight. Also, stop judging me, yes I've seen all of those movies but the last one, I had a girlfriend who made me go with her. I do feel the need to watch the final one, you know, just for closure on the series.

Anyway, the previous number one movie from last week was Frozen again making about 20 million and number two was the movie that started last week, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones which made about 18 million. I think this new one The Legend of Hercules will be able to make more than that this weekend, or equal because it seems to be a decent action movie for the guys and shirtless muscular guy movie for the ladies. Also, I'm into Greek mythology.

So here's my official pick for this weekend, I'm going to go with The Legend of Hercules. We'll see what happens this week. As always, let me know what you plan on seeing this weekend and what you think will be top this weekend.