Morrissey is one picky eater and it has lead him to cancel more shows. Who will be missing out on the music this time? Morrissey is calling off another concert because of the venue's food options.  The former Smiths frontman was slated to perform in Iceland, but fan site "True to You" says he's scrapped those plans because management at the Harpa Concert Hall has supposedly refused to sell only vegetarian food on the night of his performance.  Morrissey says he's waited a long time to return to Iceland, but now he's decided to "leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust." 

Morrissey made similar animal-friendly demands of the Staples Center in Los Angeles back in 2013.  The singer managed to close the venue's McDonald's for the evening, and made the first floor entirely vegetarian.  However, some meat was still served inside the Staples Center the day of the concert.  For his fans, this "Vintage" concert might be the only way you can watch him perform and eat chicken wings or a hamburger at the same time.