Just in time for another beautiful New York summer, North America's longest mountain coaster is open for thrill seekers. One look at the setup, however, and it's clear that the experience is much more than your average ride.

New York is steeped in history, and while much of it dates back to the Revolutionary War, the Empire State was also the focus of the world's attention in both 1932 and 1980 when the Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid. The impressive coaster follows the path of one of the most popular events.

A rider on Mt Van Hoevenberg's mountain coaster in Lake Placid, NY
North America's longest coaster is located in upstate New York... and it's open for the season! (Mt Van Hoevenberg via Facebook)

Ride Mt Van Hoevenberg's Mountain Coaster in Lake Placid, NY

"Now open!", exclaimed Mt Van Hoevenberg's official Facebook pages (below). "Race through history on our mountain coaster!" The ride, which has some of the best views in the entire state, follows the path of the legendary Olympic bobsled track.

The Bobsled Coaster in Lake Placid, NY

The coaster relies on gravity to power the individual carts, which are designed to resemble past bobsled models. While there are no motors involved, riders can expect speeds of up to 25 miles-per-hour, although handbrakes (again, similar to bobsleds) allow riders to control their speed (below).

The Best Time to Experience Mt Van Hoevenberg's Mountain Coaster in Lake Placid, NY

While the weather is already perfect for a trip on a mountain coaster, some former riders mentioned that the year's later months could be equally as rewarding. "Doing this at the peak of fall foliage is the best time!! Give yourself plenty of time and book ahead if doing so though as spots go very fast in the fall", suggested one adventure-seeker.

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