MoviePass changes its plans almost as much as most theaters change their movies. Three months after they announced a tiered structured where you’d pay per month based on how much you wanted to use your plan and where you lived in the country, they are now scrapping that whole system for a new system that is sort of like their old system.

Everybody with me so far?

The Hollywood Reporter says MoviePass is bringing back the $10 a month for a movie a day plan that made them famous and also sent the company into financial peril. This time the plan — called “MoviePass Uncapped” — comes with a catch:

But there's restrictions for the new MoviePass Uncapped offering, including subscribers having to pay for 12 months in advance, and only being eligible to view 2D films offered within the MoviePass network. The $9.95 plan is also promotional as it will cost $19.95 a month to see one movie every day after the limited offer expires. MoviePass Uncapped will also cost $14.95 if subscribers choose to pay monthly.

So you can get this $10 a month plan if you pay $120 a year for the whole year, otherwise its $15. And eventually it’s going to go up to $20 a month (THR doesn’t say when).

$10 a month for basically all the movies you can watch remains an impossibly good bargain. Like, it is literally impossibly good, as the company hasn’t been able to maintain it for any stretch of time. And given MoviePass’ ups and downs, it feels like a risk giving them money for a year’s worth of service. I’m waiting for them to just lay all the cards on the table and call a plan the “Caveat Emptor” level.