So there I was. It's Friday night, and my friends and I have arrived at the movie theater for the opening of Ant-Man and the Wasp. We're very excited about it! And since I subscribe to MoviePass, I can basically go to the movie for free. Or so I thought!

Because when I took out my phone and opened up the MoviePass app, I noticed something very peculiar: it wasn't working. At the time, I assumed it was my lousy internet connection, but later I found out that the app had actually gone down for users all over the country. And on opening night of a new Marvel movie, which is basically the worst possible time for that to happen.

Naturally, people complained, and MoviePass has been quick to respond. According to a tweet they sent out, if a user was forced to buy a ticket out-of-pocket, they can send a picture of the receipt through the app and they'll be issued a refund.

MoviePass has been great in the time I've had it (since about September), but I'm worried about its future. Between new competition like AMC and the Alamo Drafthouse, plus a business model that just seems unsustainable, it doesn't seem like it can last too much longer. But, even if MoviePass does die out, the idea of subscription-based theatergoing looks like it's here to stay.

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