A musician from Myrtle Beach South, Carolina has written and recorded a song about a Poughkeepsie diner. Now we're super curious about which local diner he was singing about.

Quinn Cicala has included the song 'Diner In Poughkeepsie' on his album Dream I Had which was released in February of this year. He spent much of 2016 working on the project sporadically according to his Bandcamp page.

A recent review of the song on IndependantMusicNews.com states the song is about Quinn 'confessing his fear of one day not being about to do what he loves most: playing music and spending time with friends'. So in other words, no help in telling us which Poughkeepsie diner he's talking about.

There is no shortage of diners in Poughkeepsie, that's for sure. It could be The Palace, Acropolis or maybe even The Big Tomato. Maybe it was the New Poughkeepsie Diner or Alex's on Market Street? Then there's the Table Talk or Dutchess Diner, well which is it? Hopefully Quinn will see this post and shed some light on the subject for us.