I'm sorry. I thought you would yield to the 1,000 lb steal beast that was in motion but I guess I was wrong. This is my public apology to the cyclist I cut off during my commute this morning.

If you look at one of those calendars that have those weird National Days listed on them you may find that today is a big one. It's National I'm Sorry Day. I don't usually subscribe to these days but I'm feeling festive. There's someone I owe an apology to. I don't think I'm fully in the wrong but I'm willing to be the bigger person and apologize.

Some people think bicycle riders in the Hudson Valley are an annoyance. I'm not one of them. I actually think they are quite brave. I barely feel safe driving on busy Hudson Valley roadways let alone walking on the side of them or riding a bicycle.

Drive past 5 cars on I-84 and count how many of them glance down at their phone even just for a second. I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck that you'll catch 2 or 3 people distracted.

This morning while I was pulling out of my driveway a cyclist was riding towards me. It was dark and they seemed to be pretty far away. I pulled out of my driveway only to realize that they weren't actually that far away at all.

She was pretty upset as she rolled past. I could tell because she gave me the finger.

I hope this apology finds her well and I hope her day got a lot better.


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