I don't usually get all excited about the summer blockbusters that are due to be released in our Hudson Valley Theaters but this May is very different. Ever since Tom Cruise sang "You Lost That Lovin Feeling" I have been waiting for Top Gun Part 2.

I am sure there is a serious movie buff out there who can tell you why it took so darn long for us to find out how it all ends for Maverick but that is not my focus. I am just happy the day has arrived. Well, actually it is still a week away (May 24, 2022) but close enough. No all that's left is to see it and then probably see it again.

Pick Your Hudson Valley, NY Theater to See Top Gun: Maverick

I hadn't even realized that the movie was ready for release until the Lady Gaga song from the movie started popping up everywhere. Now I find I can't stop watching the video. It has me counting down the days until I can get real butter on my popcorn and reserve my seat to seeTom Cruise recreate one of my favorite movie characters. I am such a child of the 80s I just can't help it.

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I will admit I am a bit tossed on where to see this movie first. This film is one I like to call a Theater movie. Romcoms can be watched at home on service but cinematography-rich films like this one need to be seen on the big screen and I am even thinking of Drive-In first.

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