I thought this was just a phase during quarantine. It's becoming an obsessive hobby.

My wife got a house plant much like a lot of people during the early stages of the pandemic. I remember the day well because it marks one of the few times I'm ever right about anything. I knew it wouldn't last long. She'd never had a plant in her life. I didn't have high hopes for this one. My hypothesis was correct. Her first plant lasted about 6 weeks until it shriveled up and died.

Thankfully, The Happening wasn't based on true events.

She's not a quitter. I'll give her that. She went right down to Adams and a bought another one. She did much better with the second one. She named it and everything.

It started to get bigger and bigger. I was amazed that she was able to keep it healthy. She was so proud that she went and bought another one. It also got bigger and bigger. She did so well with that one that she even bought another which also got much larger.

We now have three massive plants that need to be cared for constantly. It's so annoying. They need to be watered and then taken in and outside like every other day. My wife is pregnant now and cannot lift them and carry them. So the plants have now become my responsibility.

I now have to be the main caretaker of Kermit, Inez and Baby. These aren't my plants. I didn't sign up for this.

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