Nachos for the Table

So many times I will go out with friends, and someone decides to order a plate of nachos for themselves, only to discover that the entree could feed the whole table. Nachos can be something casual that people eat throughout a party, or it could be a total commitment if you go to a restaurant that prides itself on their nacho platter. Nachos have become a a staple at so many establishments now. You can even get nachos at the movies! It is an all around go-to snack/meal.

Spice Up Your Platter

One thing that is great about nachos is that there is no one right way to do it. You could go with plain chips with salsa or guacamole on the side, or you can go all out with a blend of cheeses, meats, salsas, sour cream, peppers and more. No matter what, you cannot go wrong. It is something that is fun to snack on while hanging out with friends and grabbing a few drinks. You can joke around about how messy it might be- it is only apart of the experience. Since so many restaurants offer huge portions, most of the time you can take some to go and enjoy the next day. It is hard to see many negatives in regards to nacho consumption.

Who's Paying?

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