Times are tough for everyone. Has Naked Cowboy fled New York to go work in the Sunshine State?

When you think of New York City you think about the Empire State Building, Central Park, Pizza and the Naked Cowboy. The cowboy is a staple in New York. If you didn't see the dude in his hat and undies strumming his guitar did you even have the full New York City experience?

More and more jobs continue to leave New York. Naked Cowboy is one of the latest entrepreneurs to take their work out of state. He's got to play for someone. If Naked Cowboy plays a song and there's no tourists there to enjoy it did he really play?

Has the Naked Cowboy ditched New York for some place with more appropriate underwear weather? It looks like it but it didn't go so well.

According the New York Post, Robert Burck was arrested in Daytona for a misdemeanor charge. Burck allegedly broke a city ordinance that restricts people from "aggressive panhandling" and resisting without violence after Burck allegedly tried to pull away from the officer.

The Naked Cowboy is reportedly in Florida because of Bike Week taking place at Daytona Beach.

Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone to realize just how good you really had it. Hopefully, Naked Cowboy will return to New York after a rough week in Daytona. I feel like none of this would have happened to him on his home turf.

The Daytona Police Department released his mugshot which maybe the only time we ever see the Naked Cowboy fully clothed.

The Naked Cowboy Arrested On Misdemeanor Charge
Daytona Beach Police Department

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