While politicians across the country are gearing up for another election in 2024, one candidate a little closer to home apparently has nothing to hide. And in this case, we mean quite literally.

Residents in one New York town say they are shocked and appalled that one local candidate running for town council has been standing nude at his front door for everyone to see as they pass by.

What is his reasoning for such a thing? While no one is quite sure as of now, one could say his polls are not rising.

Man Running For Town Council in Very Stiff Race 

ABC says that a candidate for Babylon Town Council began standing naked at his front glass door for everyone to see. ABC says that the 63-year-old man, who they say is a financial advisor and avid church member, has been flashing the hood for the past two months.

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Some residents feel he is even waiting for them, and would approach the door intentionally to bare it all at his home in Lindenhurst.

One neighbor told ABC that he "would open his front door and be there standing, completely nude. Once, we made eye contact and it happened a third time, I knew that it was intentional.", she continued. Another resident said that while what he was doing was "very inappropriate", he "very clearly knew what he was doing."

Babylon's Republican Committee told ABC that they would no longer support his run. The current Babylon Town Supervisor told ABC that it elected, they "don't know what we could be able to trust him with."

Raw Story confirmed that the Republican Committee had dropped him.

Can You be Naked in Your Own Home in New York State? 

This is a bit tricky. In an article posted by the The New York Times, New York decency laws "do apply to some behavior inside a private residence". Intentionally flashing a neighbor for an extended period of time is an example where these decency laws apply in your home, according to the law.

However, walking around in your home naked is not illegal, even if a neighbor see you from a distance. Just use common sense and don't do what the candidate from the above story is accused of doing.

An article posted at Lite 98.7 states that "New York criminalizes exposure of a person, one of several offenses "against public sensibilities," where a person appears in a public place and exposes (or does not clothe) the private or intimate parts of his or her body."

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