And they don’t have cellphones

On May 22nd, we observe National Maritime Day, commemorating the inception of the maritime industry in the United States. Today, we pay homage to America’s Merchant Marines, acknowledging their invaluable contributions and sacrifices for our nation. It's a poignant moment to reflect on the pivotal role ships and seafarers have played throughout our country's history. #NationalMaritimeDay

Now, turning our attention to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, where 22 crew members of the Singapore shipping vessel DALI have been sequestered for approximately 8 weeks. In the tragic incident that claimed 6 lives, the FBI seized the crewmen's cellphones in the initial moments and have yet to return the devices. So, unfortunately, no Candy Crush.

In addition to the investigation, and their expired at this point visas, maritime law requires that the boat stay fully staffed at all times while in the harbor.

Eight weeks confined to the boat, in addition to their regular duties, leaves them with nothing but work and no leisure activities and you're telling me that these guys aren’t cracking open some of these cans and looking for a PlayStation 5?

  It’s CASTAWAY but there are not only 3 FedEx packages.

THERE’S 3 CITY BLOCKS OF PACKAGES. Guarantee there’s 500 Wilson Volleyballs on this boat.

Karaoke Machines, Projectors, Costumes, CELLPHONES!

Who knows what magical treasures await?


Also, everyone has already written off the content of these shipping containers, Most insurance has probably paid out on the losses of the containers, and people have been reimbursed. So let these boys pop some tops and entertain themselves. It’s  #NATIONALMARITIMEDAY for Pete's sake. 


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