Grilling this weekend as a part of your Memorial Day observation, but not sure how to rock the bbq? How to make the perfect hamburger? How long to cook that steak?

LongHorn Steakhouse is offering up its "Grill Us Hotline" until tomorrow (May 24, 2015). 

When LongHorn executive chef Kurt Hankins is asked about what kind of ground beef is the best to use for hamburgers, he suggests the '80-20 lean-fat combination', which has enough fat to make the beef flavorful.  Grilling steak? He says go for the ribeye because you can grill it well done and not ruin the taste.

Have more questions? You can even call them from the meat section of your local supermarket while you are browsing to make sure you buy the 'right' meat.

The Grill Us Hotline is 855-544-7455 Friday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm Eastern. You can also text LHGRILL to 40679. 
Looking to grill foods, other than meat? How about desserts? Or potatoes? Here are a few more tips from LS Chefs: