Ever since Netflix kicked into high gear with their streaming capabilities, sitting on the couch and binge watching a show is becoming the normal way to enjoy television. This could quite possibly be one of the greatest and worst ideas of all time. It's great to watch a show all the way through if you've never seen it before however, just sitting on the couch for hours on end might not be such a good idea.

Think about it, you finish an episode and it ends on a cliff hanger. This is a common tool used in TV writing making you talk about it the next day at work and patiently wait a week for the conclusion of the main character's current conflict. But what if you have the option to watch the next episode right away? OF COURSE you are going to watch it!

I'm guilty of this myself, but I do my best to limit my binge watching habits. If I'm having a hard day I can usually be found re-watching episodes of Parks & Rec. What's your favorite show to binge?