I'm so glad that science is taking a break from climate change or medical miracles and moving in the right direction. Scientists are actually looking in to the proper way to dump someone. 

Science can put a new notch under its belt. Some of the top minds in America have finally discovered the best way to break up with someone. You wouldn't think that it would take a bunch of geniuses to find out that the key to a good break up is being honest and straight forward.

Scott Griessel

According to an article from Eureka Alert, a new study conducted by professors BYU and University of South Alabama claims that ghosting is not in fact a good way to dump someone. That's a shocker, right?

It is okay to use the dreaded phrase "We need to talk." You then need to lead in with something simple and to the point like "This isn't working." or  "I think we should break up."

The key is to be quick and concise. The longer you take reflects on you being a selfish person.