Netflix continues to give you reasons to sit on your couch and tune out the world. With the ability to binge watch any show they offer. Getting through a whole season in one day is not unheard of either. The auto-play feature has been there for a while as Netflix will continue to play the next episode without even having to use the remote.

One frustrating flaw with Netflix is the user interface via a smart TV that uses the app. Rewinding and fast forwarding was always a bit choppy and not as precise as let's say DVR. As much as I love the intro song to Orange Is The New Black, I don't want to watch it every time a new episode starts.

Now Netflix will auto-start the next episode 5 seconds after the closing credits begin on the show, with a simple pop up icon that specifically skips the intro. Transitioning from one episode to another is now much faster making it a little too easy to stay up later just to watch one more before bed.