If you need a distraction from Cornavirus and civil unrest, a state representative has issued a rather odd piece of legislation that would ban the President of the U.S. from dropping a nuclear bomb on an approaching hurricane. No, this isn't the plot from sci-fi film.

In 2019, it was reported by Axios that President Donald Trump suggested the best way to stop hurricanes from hitting the country is by detonating a nuclear device. Axios reported that Trump brought the issue up to Homeland Security and national security officials a number of times last year.

While Trump has denied he ever made such a claim, one congresswoman thought it was important enough to introduce a new bill to stop such a thing from happening.

The Washington Post reports that Representative Sylvia Garcia, of Texas, has introduced The Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act. The bill would ban any president from using a nuclear bomb or other “strategic weapon” with the goal of “altering weather patterns or addressing climate change.”.

And while this may sound extraordinary, the bill probably has no chance of ever going anywhere. Garcia said she simply thought the matter was important enough to pursue. Would such a idea even work?

A number of officials and military figures have suggested nuclear intervention to control the weather over the decades, but to no avail. Meteorologists have long said detonating a nuclear device would have little to no effect on a hurricane.

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