Sometimes, the fisherman isn't lying about the size of their catch. A monumental blue crab was once again harvested in New York, and it's smashed the previous record set only 10 months ago.

Not only does New York have a new record on the books... but the legendary crustacean may have also confirmed the best place in the state for crabbers to find large catches.

A new blue crab record was recently set in New York State (NYS DEC via Facebook)
A new blue crab record was recently set in New York State (NYS DEC via Facebook)

New Blue Crab Record Set in New York State

"Did you hear the crabtastic news? There is a new state record for blue crab!", began a recent post from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC). Besides its staggering size, which surpassed the previous record by an entire inch, the crab's location was also noteworthy.

Photo of a blue crab superimposed over a map of Long Island, NY
Another New York State record for blue crab size was set by a catch made on Long Island, NY (Google/John M. Chase via Canva)

Large Blue Crabs Caught on Long Island, NY

While the 2023 and 2024 record-setting crabs are different, the locations of the catches are the same. For the second year in a row, the largest blue crab in New York was found off the coast of Long Island. Surprisingly, not everybody was impressed with its size.

New York Crabbers React to New Record

"LMAO 4 years ago I caught one at night off a pole tip to tip it was 10 inches... never thought it was a state record" shared one commenter. "I caught one that was 10.5 inches", replied another. While exaggerated "big fish" tales are commonplace, it was interesting to note that these crabbers reported making their catches on Long Island as well.

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Recreational Marine Records in New York

The NYS DEC keeps size records for nearly every sea creature that can be harvested in the state. From massive blue marlin (1,174 pounds) to humble white perch (3.06 pounds), every person who holds a verifiable record receives a special certificate commemorating their achievement. Blue crabs, however, aren't recorded by weigh, but by a different measurement entirely.

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Measuring Blue Crabs in New York State

Blue crabs are measured in length, not weight. While the smallest legal crab to harvest is 4.5 inches (measured horizontally across its body), the record books were quickly updated to reflect the 8-3/16 inch crab that was found by Water Mill, NY's Marc Zaluski. Check out more New York State records below.

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