Cheers to the Hudson Valley.

Just outside of Dutchess County you'll find the town of Hudson. Hudson is an up-and-coming town that is buzzing with new life and new business. If you haven't taken a day trip there you definitely should. Especially because a new brewery is set to open this fall that is founded by a team of brewing industry veterans.

According to a press release, Return Brewing will open in fall 2021 in Hudson, New York. The brewery will focus on old-world craftmanship and will feature local flavors and ingredients. Return Brewing is founded by people who have worked at some nationally awarded breweries, like Sixpoint and Trillium Brewing Company. The team has over two decades of brewing experience.


At Return Brewing you can expect to have beers made with traditional brewing techniques and historic fermentation methods, according to the press release. Even expect to see some experimenting going on with their beer and seasonal varieties that celebrate the Hudson Valley. I wonder if that means we'll get an apple beer?!

To start, Return Brewing will have their beer available throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City in fall 2021. According to the press release, they plan to open a taproom in 2022.

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to great beer. Drowned Lands Brewery in Warwick was named as one of the top 10 new breweries in the U.S. Hudson Valley Brewery's Incandenza Sour IPA was named one of the best beers of 2020Newburgh Brewing Company's Brown Ale was recognized by GQ magazine in 2020. GQ put out a list of the 49 Best Fall Beers and Newburgh Brewing Company's Brown Ale is the only Hudson Valley-made beer to make the list. Another Hudson Valley-made beer was named the best in New York State. Family Suarez's Palatine Pils was named as one of the best beers in New York State by Thrillist. This brewery is in Hudson, part of the upper Hudson Valley. This beer is a pilsner at 5.2% ABV. Thrillist notes that the beer is masterfully made. Thrillist even named Family Suarez Brewery as an essential brewery.

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