Feeling thirsty? This new Hudson Valley business might be exactly what you need.

Over the past couple of months, there have been new businesses that have opened in different counties.

In Orange County, NY, new owners took over Joey's Pizza in Middletown. In the building of the well known, Tony Boffa's Restaurant, a new business, YiShan Korean Restaurant opened their doors. Dos Amigos opened a second location called Amigos II in the Hamlet of Wallkill, NY.

A brand new plaza also opened in Orange County, NY. This brought in a new taco shop, nail salon, gas station and more.

From Orange To Ulster County, NY More Businesses Will Be Opening


In Ulster County, be on the lookout for the opening of Brickmen Kitchen + Bar in Uptown Kingston, NY. The owner of Ole Savannah also in Kingston, NY will be opening it this spring. Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck, NY is opening another located in Ulster County, NY as well.

A lot of new beginnings are happening in the Hudson Valley.

Sullivan County, NY Welcomes New Business For Thirsty Customers


A Sullivan County theater once what kept the Village of Liberty alive but after some time, it closed. Hudson Valley residents were wondering when it would actually reopen.

A brand new wine and spirits shop has also opened in Sullivan County. They are known for being a 

"Unique and beautiful wine & spirits shop offering local and international wine, spirits, and cider."


Decant Wine & Spirits Opened In The Hudson Valley

Decant Wine & Spirits is officially open in Hurleyville, NY. They had their soft opening Friday, March 17, 2023 and Saturday, March 18, 2023.

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Customers Received A Warm Welcome From Wine & Spirits On Their Facebook Page

On Facebook, Wine & Spirits took time to introduce themselves to the Hudson Valley. In the picture, Cat Wilson introduces herself. She is the co-owner of Willow & Post and Forage & Gather Market in Mountaindale, NY.

Wilson refers to herself as a "proud purveyor of fine wines and spirits" right in Hurleyville, NY. She explains how she is excited to be a part of the group of Main Street businesses in the area.

This Wine & Spirits Shop Has A Unique Way Of Taking Customers Requests

On Decant Wine & Spirits Facebook page, they shared a unique way of taking customers requests and I approve.

They refer to their brilliant idea as using scrolls, referring to ancient Egypt. This is brilliant. However, Decant Wine & Spirits shared that they received the idea from Creatures of Place. This would allow guests to be interactive in a fun way to express their requests of what they would like to sip on.

Decant Wine & Spirits is excited to serve the community and showed an example of how they are truly listening.

Feeling thirsty? They have 50 bottles under $20 on their shelf.

Decant Wine & Spirits

234 Main Street, Suite 103, Hurleyville, NY, 

Where is your favorite place to grab liquor, wine or beer in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below. Cheers!

4 Places To Try Cryotherapy in the Hudson Valley

Have You Ever Heard Of Cryotherapy?

Healthline describe cryotherapy as,

"Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

Cryotherapy can be delivered to just one area, or you can opt for whole-body cryotherapy. Localized cryotherapy can be administered in a number of ways, including through ice packs, ice massage, coolant sprays, ice baths, and even through probes administered into tissue."

I have heard that taking cool showers if beneficial to your health but this is stepping it up.

What Are The Benefits Of Cryotherapy?

WEB MD describes the benefits of cryotherapy.

Those who have tried cryotherapy claim that it assists with weight loss, reduces inflammation, pain and swelling, can improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and more.

As always, have a conversation with your doctor before trying something new to make sure its suitable for you.

Here Are 4 Places To Try Cryotherapy In The Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Businesses That Opened in 2023

If you're looking for the newest hotspot in the Hudson Valley, you don't have to search far. The hottest nightclub in the area may be right in your neighborhood. An authentic taco spot has opened in Orange County, NY and residents have returned numerous times for their mouthwatering meals.

A fan favorite Rhinebeck, NY restaurant has announced their second location in Ulster County, NY. A korean style restaurant has taken over the same building and location of the beloved and popular, Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

Kingston, NY's Ole Savannah owner made an announcement of their new restaurant. This will open in Uptown Kingston in early Spring. A seafood restaurant closed their doors in Middletown, NY but recently reopened in Monroe, NY.

A new plaza opened in Orange County, NY that brought several, local businesses to one location. Within this location, guests can fill up on gas, get their nails and hair done, stop in for some tacos and cash in their cans and bottles.